If Not Sight

painting by Helena Nelson-Reed
When I first started writing poetry in my early teenage years, one of the first poems I wrote was “Eyes for the Blind.” It was published with slight revision in my book Moonflower (2018).

The poem was inspired by the singer Andrea Bocelli who I had seen and heard sing on TV and learned that he was blind. As I wrote that fictional poem inspired by him, I considered what it might be like to not be able to see the world around you that others can see.

As I wrote, I imagined the sadness of that, and as I continued I learned in my heart that there are other ways to experience beauty than just sight. I could hear in his voice that he felt deeply through other senses. The idea of touch came to mind. I had not yet felt romantic love then, but the thought of two people who loved each other, one of them blind and the other able to see, was the best way for me to express experience beyond sight.

Fall On Me

Listening with eyes closed to this song sung in Italian brings enchantment, probably because I find the language beautiful and maybe because my family background is Italian even if I didn’t hear the language spoken around me.

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