Ran out of Christmas Cards, Oops!

I sent out Christmas cards today.

When I was almost finished writing them, I realized I was short one card. 

I remembered I had received blank card paper as part of a past birthday gift, so that one I sent is handmade. I haven’t done anything with visual art in a very long time.

So, there is a chance you might receive that handmade one.

But if I sent you one of the regular ones, this was completely random and you will still receive a card that my Grandma (1924-2020) gave me (she had given me a bunch of nice blank Christmas cards she received complimentary from charities) and inside probably an energized little random pen drawing(s) by me and a message. I have learned years ago that I am not good at realism, just a warning.

Next year, I might make more handmade ones. 

I’m going to post the picture of the card but not who it was mailed to. I noticed it looked a little modern art to me when I started, so I decided to continue with that look.

This is probably more exciting for me than anyone else, and I am okay with that.

I received some spam comments today that I deleted and got me excited for nothing.
I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the recent real ones.  Feel free to leave a message here if you ever want to. πŸ™‚

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