Peeko’s Poetry Pick

I completely forgot about this post and picture I was planning to share. 

I had never really read poetry to Peeko before. He’s heard me reading poems aloud that I was writing but that isn’t the same thing. 

When I was finished reading Collected Lyrics, I thought it might be nice to read one out loud to him. I read “Autumn Daybreak” as it was a cloudy day and he was gazing out the window so completely still listening to it. Usually he is a little more jumpy. After I was done reading the poem and closed the book, he didn’t move, still sat in the same place on the window sill, a pensive expression still on his face for a few moments, and then he walked away. 

Just a little bit after that, I went into the kitchen and turned back to see him sitting proudly next to the book with a look of approval. 

Cats will close both their eyes slowly and open them again to show affection and appreciation. They can also wink with one eye which is pretty funny. 

Here’s a picture of Peeko next to the book mid-wink. I didn’t know he was going to do that when I took the picture. 🙂 

Oh, and this is a month old picture, so there is no pumpkin on the balcony anymore but an evergreen log with holly.

Peeko’s poetry pick: Edna St. Vincent Millay.

I think he might like to hear some other poems, so I will read some more aloud to him next book I read.

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