Close Call at the Grocery Store and A Popping Up Puppy

A picture of my sister in law 
and brother in law’s
puppy named Bell 
mentioned in the second part of this post

I have felt I might be invisible when I go grocery shopping. I used to often get nearly crashed into by someone flying with their cart out of an aisle. I’d say, “I’m sorry,” and they’d speed by saying, “No, you’re good,” or nothing at all. But these days, I have been able to move away in time and see them coming.

A couple of weeks ago, I was passing through a more narrow part of the store with long bins on each side. An elderly man was telling a manager that something had spilled in one of the aisles. As he’s telling the manager, this elderly man (shorter than me, I am 5’ and had a small heel) was backing up almost stepping on my shoe as he’s very wound up about explaining the spill. 

I said, “Excuse me.” “Excuse me, Sir…” and he kept moving back. I started moving forward, but a woman with him, maybe his wife, was standing exactly where I could pass. So I said to her, “Excuse me…Hi,” I raised my hand, then was waving and looking at her, but she didn’t see or hear me. She was standing watching the man tell the manager about the spill.

And at this time, the little elderly man began backing up onto the edge of my toe. I was wearing boots so I didn’t feel that a lot but could see. I said, loudly, “Careful, Sir, Be careful!” but also not wanting to startle him. He was still upset about the spill and was about to stand on top of my shoe, and I was thinking to myself, Oh no, this little man is going to trip on my shoe and fall, he looks fragile, I don’t want that to happen, and so I began walking me and my cart backwards and away just in time. 

The next story is from last night. My sister in law and brother in law are having a baby and they had a gender reveal party. They had a big balloon and popped it, and as soon as they screamed, “It’s a girl!” their girl puppy started running toward me and into me, and she was jumping so high, grabbing my shoulders, and grabbing and pulling my sweater, all in one motion. I said, “Yes, you’ll be a big sister! But be gentle… gentle” as I am holding her paws and setting her down. I know if dogs sense you’re afraid of them they may bully you, but I wasn’t scared of her at all, she wasn’t listening though. 

She is so adorable, but she just kept popping right up and biting my hands with her puppy teeth.

I said, “No, be gentle, no biting!” but she’d decided she was going to take all her excitement out on me, so I was pressing her down telling her to be gentle and she just kept looking into my face and popping back up so quickly and grabbing me. I placed her down again and she sprang right back up.

When I watched the short video of my sister in law and brother in law popping the balloon, I saw their reactions and that there was pink confetti. I hadn’t known their reactions or that there was confetti, only an excited puppy. 🙂

It was a nice, small covid-safe gathering, but from past posts I wrote here, I see I get targeted by mall salespeople, library security, grocery store shoppers, and four month old excited puppies. 

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