Almost Christmas

Christmas look with fireplace on.
Wanted to make the nut cracker taller, so the mantel is more balanced on either side.
I found some red books.
Here are the books. 
The Peanuts one wasn’t very good to read, but it makes a nice decoration.
I got this candle some years ago. It has a nice scent and the crackling sound is pleasant.
A Christmas tree my cat can’t destroy.
I like this angel.
I got this wreath from Michael’s many years ago. Somehow I always get something there when they are having a good sale or maybe they have them often?
I think I got this at Michael’s, too awhile ago. It plugs in and doesn’t need batteries.
This is the evergreen with holly I mentioned in my post, “Peeko’s Poetry Pick.” 
It became snow-covered today.
Yoga in the snow was a much more appealing idea than the experience. 
I was trying to pretend it was a good time, but I’m a bad liar. 
* I wrote another poem today for my second book. I am collecting a pretty good amount of them, which has been great.
* Peeko just winked at me (with one eye). 
* I accidentally put my slippers really far away from my yoga mat outside and so when I had to go back in I had to take a bigger leap than usual to step into them and they were ice-covered. The ice on them melted along with my yoga mat when back inside and my hands and face and feet returned to normal.
I hope you are well this season! 
I don’t know, I don’t recommend yoga in the snow, but I do recommend candles, whether scented or not.

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