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Seeing Sarah McLachlan Live July 2016

The July just after my 30th birthday I saw Sarah McLachlan live in Boston. I had been listening to her and seeing her perform on video for like twenty years before that (I listened to her first when I was 10) and I remember this concert being so captivating and lit me up for some time.

I know she canceled the concert the day after this one because she had laryngitis and I was glad I saw her, not glad she was getting sick, but glad to see her at that time since her voice went out a couple times during the concert and she’d come back stronger. It was a sign of perseverance that stayed with me.

The whole performance was incredibly moving, her voice, piano, words, and expressions.

It was a concert with Josh Groban too but she started, and the majority of the audience members seemed to be his fans and not as interested in her.

She said something funny during the concert and I laughed, I was sitting kind of near the front, no one else laughed, and she smirked in my direction. I’d been amused by that when remembering the concert.

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