blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Winter Solstice Medieval Style Yoga Celebration

Post from the Archive featured! (‘cause I was always looking for a new reason to wear this Celtic Medieval Lady halloween costume I got last year, posted on 12/21/20, and I will wear it again sometime without a reason.) The medieval poet star of the blog, Rumi would’ve been 19 yrs old at the time mentioned in this post…and the night sky was blushing tonight, 11/3/21, as I followed the dance with myself on this past video…Just checked, lost track of moon awhile and the moon is in Rumi’s Libra tonight! Was that a blushing sky for your sister? Thank you😊💗:


Bringing back 1200 AD! The last time Saturn and Jupiter were visibly this close was the year 1226. This yoga video starts with a song that starts off quiet and then gets louder as it progresses. I combined two clips here because my cat had turned off the music; he hadn’t been in the video when he did that though.

Maybe you got to see the two planets look like a star. Maybe you didn’t. I didn’t see any planets, just clouds, but the moon is bright. Maybe you feel it. I am a Pisces so I feel everything anyway.

This can be viewed in the YouTube app, tap screen, tap three dots, choose highest quality.

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