A Beach, A Girl, And A Little Girl, Pt. 2

 Hull, MA at sunset, I took this picture this past summerI have been thinking about the beach this weekend. I had recently written a post titled, “A Beach, A Girl, And A Little Girl” and more came to me yesterday that I’d like to write.I was trying to remember what Danielle liked to do when I…… Continue reading A Beach, A Girl, And A Little Girl, Pt. 2

Building A Bridge

I discovered traditional Celtic music about 15 years ago when I was 19, had first found Kate Rusby, a British singer, and then some Irish ones. I liked Kate’s songs also because her vocal range is not too high or low for me to sing too, and the traditional songs often tell a story with imagery…… Continue reading Building A Bridge

Night Meditation

Foot almost better I’m not sure what was happening hereThe moon is golden tonightOuttake again*I finished reading through the poems. And I am happy to publish them.It is glowing :)Rosemary & Garlic – Shine

Full Moon

The poems I read aloud in the previous post, “Brought Away Someplace” preceded the night well.The moon is full, a photo through my window,for the heart that feels fulland the heart that wishes to be filled.

A Certain View

 The moon, hiding behind clouds, and then appearing again through my windowI thought tonight, we may see ourselves as flawed at times but another person sees us as perfectly beautiful.Here, this is singing me to sleep…Songbird by Eva Cassidy

Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon

Aww, Peeko was smiling at me. :)Practicing yoga while pretending to be a snow fairy.Sun: PiscesMoon: CancerVenus: PiscesThe horoscope I wrote for myself :)You will be a great mess of emotion that some people will crush into little paint and glittery pieces to make DIY projects for their house of which they will be exceedingly…… Continue reading Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon

Night Yoga

Something I just decided to do today that was good:I cut a lemon in half, let it drip onto my skin – not actually touching it against me, and then I rinsed it off with water after a little bit. I then heated a cup of water just slightly, dripped the rest of the lemon…… Continue reading Night Yoga

A Beach, A Girl, and A Little Girl

I took this photo at Cape Cod this past fall 2020 You might remember me writing about going to the beach in New York and collecting sea shells as a young girl in the post, “A Plate That Holds Half A Ring.” I often walked alone beside the ocean at this beach, thinking, dreaming, picking…… Continue reading A Beach, A Girl, and A Little Girl

Looking Through The Window

Look up. Look into the distance. Look down. Look within.I am gazing into the forest here through the window. I have seen in the distance some new green, grass far off reminding me that spring and sun and new flowers will come. Will there be fairies out there? Maybe. 🙂

Earth And Water

 Akaal by Ajeet Kaur (feat. Trevor Hall)An uplifting, meditative song including the singer from the previous post, Ajeet Kaur with a pleasant blend of genres and languages.Grass. Soil. Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Streams. Rivers. The Ocean. Lakes. Rain. Pisces. Scorpio. Cancer.Capricorn. Taurus. Virgo.*Courage isn’t the vanquishment or absence of anxiety, but the knowledge that something greater than fear…… Continue reading Earth And Water