blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Hafiz, Words I Didn’t Write

I remembered the poet Hafiz recently, had read some of his poetry along with Rumi, also a Persian poet, who lived during 1300 I see.

I found this poem of his. It reminded me of my own experience, while I am unsure if he’s being metaphorical here, mine felt more literal. But the lamp within is a perfect way to explain this feeling in words I didn’t think of myself.

While the one I felt was in the middle of the night, the kiss Hafiz felt was in the morning and he describes the feeling on his forehead, mine seemed more face/cheeks and human rather than divine; the emotion here is still so similar, can sense that comfort I felt, in these words of his.

I have been writing a lot of poems recently and it has been a nice feeling to read words by other poets express something I thought or felt. But how I didn’t think of the words myself reminds me of how wonderfully different and comfortingly similar people can be.

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