blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Life and a Puppy Flying At You

I got to see that puppy again from the previous post, “Close Call at the Grocery Store and a Popping Up Puppy.”

After I took this video, I realized it is basically life. Often when maybe forming a new habit or reaching a certain level of progress or achievement, something else will jump up at you, an obstacle of some sort. 

So just think of it like this cute, persistent puppy (even if it’s not so cute), perhaps an experience in showing your own strength.

This video was taken toward the end of Sunday night as she kept coming back, I see how out of breath this puppy made me by then. I also got her older sister, Lois in the video.

An Unstoppable Puppy Video

Bell in a picture; she is so fast moving in video.

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