My Next Book in the Making

I have written and chosen the selections for my next book of poems and after reading through them, I see I’d like to write two more for it before I consider the content complete.

A post I wrote last night I had removed, realizing it likely could become part of one of the remaining poems for the book.
I’ve been enjoying revisiting some of my favorite poets along with a new one I randomly found on the library website and also a happily remembered one, Amy Lowell. I plan to read a book of hers next. And I am happy to read my favorite poets without needing to copy their style, just experiencing them and letting their words in.
I will post more about the book as it is closer to publication.
If you are a poet or other writer, feel free to comment about if there are particular authors or books that you are reading now or any themes you are working on in your own writing.
This is such a beautiful time of day. It is morning and the thick clouds are all lit before the sun comes. I’ve just had a honey crisp apple, going to press publish on this, and then I will have breakfast. It is so silent now.

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