A Beach, A Girl, And A Little Girl, Pt. 2

Hull, MA at sunset,
I took this picture this past summer
I have been thinking about the beach this weekend. I had recently written a post titled, “A Beach, A Girl, And A Little Girl” and more came to me yesterday that I’d like to write.
I was trying to remember what Danielle liked to do when I watched her. I remember she liked to walk around, and we used to walk around that beach club in big loops. I’ve always liked to walk, think, and observe things, or talk when walking with someone else, and the beach club was a pretty big place, yet not too big.
Often we’d pass kids sitting on beach towels selling different things: jewelry they’d made, candy, small toys, or painted seashells. One time, Danielle saw a little white horse with a bright pink tail she’d liked and I got it for her. I remember feeling happy to give her something she liked. We went back to where her mom was sitting, and her mom asked her where she’d gotten the horse. I told her mom she’d liked it and I bought it for her. Her mom said to me she didn’t want me to spend my own money on her, but if Danielle wanted something to let her know and she’d give me the money, or if I saw something I wanted, and she gave me the money for the horse.
When we’d walk around, sometimes an older kid would stop us and ask me if we were sisters. I would say, No, I’m her babysitter. And then they’d say, You can’t be babysitting, you’re too young, and you look like sisters. But I’d say lightly, no, we’re not sisters.
We had the same color hair that was darker closer to the scalp and gradually lightens in the sun toward the middle and ends; her hair was a little curly and mine was a little wavy. Our eyes were the same shape, and hers were more blue with a hint of green and mine green. Our complexion was the same.
Her mother had told me she’d been born and had lived in Israel, but Danielle and Danielle’s brother and sister had been born here (in New York.) My family background is from Italy on both sides, specifically southern Italy, Naples, known for its beaches ‘though I haven’t been there (yet.) I remember Danielle’s mother spoke with a slight accent I can still recall and I was able to easily understand her, and also that she often spoke in her native language with her other women friends at the beach, which I’d not known and I’d not remembered which one it was.
Danielle’s family stopped going to the beach club after the second year I’d known them and I was sad they hadn’t been there the next time. I was too young to babysit for Danielle at her house and the age difference for me then made me confused about if we’d be friends. But it is nice to remember this all so clearly and my many summers at the beach this bright morning, the day before a possible snowstorm coming here to Massachusetts.

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