Building A Bridge

I discovered traditional Celtic music about 15 years ago when I was 19, had first found Kate Rusby, a British singer, and then some Irish ones.

I liked Kate’s songs also because her vocal range is not too high or low for me to sing too, and the traditional songs often tell a story with imagery that can be envisioned. And about the lyrics, I love how they’re not afraid to express sad things. They are honest and authentic in joy, love, and sorrow. That is what I aspire to do with my second book–-to send out poems that are real in their different emotions.

This is one of my very favorites sung by Kate. I had mentioned her name in the poem, “Sunflower” from my first book, Moonflower.

It is something I am meditating upon and think, each day I intend to build that bridge in whatever way. Somewhere else from where this song was written, the poet, Rumi was building one too. The soul can build a bridge like this.

Here is “Annan Waters” from Kate’s album, Hourglass.

Kate Rusby – Annan Waters

…But the trying has been sufficient; the bridge has been built and itself keeps building…


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