Someone Thought There Could Be Another Sea Up High

blue angel by the tree branch last night, a satisfying angel came inside to read with me.from the book’s introduction, i learned it will tell me the myth about “the sea above the sky.” that is so exciting i can feel the excitement in my belly and will share that part when i get up to…… Continue reading Someone Thought There Could Be Another Sea Up High

Clouds and Fire

oh it’s morning and a yoga moodstrengthening through standing and stretching my wrists*soundtrackColin – Slowly

February Poets From Different Times

I noticed my hair looked a kind of way after I put it up so I thought hm, an old fashioned look, I think some past poets wore their hair like this. And then I thought, “Maybe Edna, let me check.”She has some certain way of putting her hair up, but similar idea.Edna St. Vincent…… Continue reading February Poets From Different Times

Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze

it is the breeze is ita breath out i slipped out of the pose put me backit is the breeze is itit is sweet i know itwell I’m not actually levitating!Sunlit YogaIf you fall out of a pose, you can come into a new one. This is a video demonstration of that, even if I didn’t…… Continue reading Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze


The poetry book I’ve been working on each day now is really getting there. Upload then, upload now, upload again, a different maintenance man looking at the same new dryer leaves, upload again, upload again, and yes, I see that, you last italic. * when a book falls it falls open. i want what i…… Continue reading P.S.

And A Star Too

The previous post today, “What An Angel Can Do.”**My words are hushed now with this moon and sky and no, i am not perfectly happy.

“Deep Blue”

A great stormy…starlit…cloudy sky…oceanside song, “Deep Blue” featuring the singer-songwriter, Lisa Hannigan I have mentioned. I took a double take when I saw the moon through the window; it has been awhile, and then it retreated again behind a soft cloud.(I also want to mention this blog is searchable if you want to find posts with…… Continue reading “Deep Blue”

To Brighten Things Wherever

After all the work I did (while seated) on my poetry book yesterday, I welcome yoga today.This pose is called “Compass,” a new one I am practicing. I have a ways to go. Yet it is still good like this.I am sharing a few more joyful things here:Three More JoysSee you again soon 🙂

The Little Joys Tonight

Last post to call it a night. I just wanted to share some happy things in between cooking and waiting for some food to steam.The Little Joys Tonight  Last night, before bed, my lamp turned back on again. Hey, Rumi, maybe I have an angel here too?