blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Shams and Rumi

I’ve written about the poet, Rumi here and had read some of his poetry aloud. The poetry reading posts were titled “Nighttime Reading from Hidden Music” and “Brought Away Someplace.”

As I’ve also mentioned before, I hadn’t really looked at much at all about the authors’ lives whose writings I’ve enjoyed, so learning details about them has been refreshing.

I just came across this spoken story telling a little about the lives of poet Rumi and also the person he’d written of in his poetry— Shams. Even in this story, there is mystery, and it’s nice to hear these life details. The second part is about love from a spiritual and psychological perspective.

 The Story of Shams and Rumi

I am having an intentionally quiet, reflective sort of day and night, just listening with rose tea. 

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