Candlelight and Snowfall, A Newfound, Well-Respected Poet

Two things I am good at that you may (or may not) know:

*Eating enough cookies to feel satisfied, yet not too many to feel sick.

*Opening a window just the right amount and also sitting at the most comfortable distance from it, not too far or near.

Something that can cause me trouble:

*Finding where I placed my socks when I want to put them back on even in my not very big apartment, (but no problem finding all socks after laundry.)


This is a new poet to me, Mir Taqi Mir. I see he was born in February, lived in the 1700s, was well-respected for his writing in the form of poetry called the ghazal begun in ancient Persia.

I liked this particular one especially as some of the most recent poems I’ve written for my book have used the image of a flame.

This is a combination drawn from some of the poet, Mir’s ghazals. Here I read it aloud with snowfall and candlelight.

From The Ghazals Written By Mir

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