If You Find Valentine’s Day Lacking Originality

Taken just near my home this past spring 🙂

If you find Valentine’s Day lacking originality or a little too predictable in your newsfeed, St. Patrick’s Day is next to come.

I am Italian not Irish, but I remember learning about Ireland as a child and immediately looking for four leaf clovers in any patch of grass I found in Brooklyn, NY. I liked wondering about my green eyes, later on imagining maybe I had a Celtic great grandmother sometime, journeying down from somewhere north of Italy.

I discovered Irish folk and Celtic music on my own when I was around nineteen. Mary Black was one of the first musicians I’d found. I had read an article sometime after I’d heard Mary Black that some group had tested many voices and hers was considered most pure or perfectly on pitch of those. Her voice is uncommonly beautiful. And this song brings me right in the center of some gathering in Ireland. 

Mary Black – Still Believing 

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