Scent, Touch, Taste, Spirit


Rumi tea with milk and honey

What and who I love, is loved, is sacred. The Beloved melts, this makes sense to me. I can know it in a sensory way in communion, feel it and taste it in my mouth. My spiritual experiences have sometimes been sensory experiences too, fulfilling and subtle. The spiritual doesn’t need to stand apart from the sensory. A spiritual moment can be commonplace and stabilizing. It can also be exhilaratingly pleasant in sensation, a mysterious, nourishing, sweet, refreshing scent which contains a certain depth of heaviness too, and it can also give a high without the drop. It is like a summer rain shower no one predicted. The sun is warm and the rain is satisfying, and although you aren’t looking right at the highest cloud from which it is coming, you can feel the rain on your hair and it falling against your skin, can feel the soft tapping and the sliding down.

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