“Summer Ways”

I took this photo on a warm day at the beach
and just wrote this all in a row with thoughts of summer:

And the air is scented jasmine, lifts the arch of my step, i awaken in the morning just before the sun beneath a sheet only.
Not hot, not cold, humming, humming is the summer and the way the sun brings me in, in with a kiss, into the kitchen, a hand upon my hip, such a step a dance would make, skip on the floor, skipping a little more slowly, the cup of tea does not cool quickly, there is so much time, enough time for now.
I hear her sing about a rock and an ocean, i know i will get there, there is so much time, even if it is so often night so soon, i wish to place a just fallen flower in my hair, oh which color would i choose? there are so many now, for this new sundress that is so breezy, flaring so much more than i am ready, i see the arch in my feet, i step lightly across the floor.
The light is a kiss and then another, and the music with its percussive way is so willing, it is lifting everything within me, and there is a way for me to say, you are so free, so free to be now, just as you choose.
i’ve just woken, there is no low bed frame, there is no ceiling, oh when i leave i will play that lovely, softly low singing, not my own ever-off key singing, you know that you are free, and there is no bed frame now, no too cold floor, there is no roof, and the pillows are not questionable.
i am not sliding, i have been this high, my skin is scented lavender now, i am on my way to the better way.
My hair has landed so softly, i have not needed wings exactly, the ocean tide did not take them, the moon remained high above the ocean without them, and i know it now, that nod, that yes, that you, too, are finding the better way.
Published in A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (2021).

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