A Thought Before Night And For The Night

The time I had run not for bliss but for fear. I may be restless now with life and desire, not just fear.

I looked back as I un-died and went on living.

The truth that’s meant the most to me I didn’t try to seek.

All this space we have in which to breathe, to move, and I am restless; I had not seen this before…maybe make it good, how the breeze lifts my hair, and i’ve been given a new word; it is so real; yes, it is clear…and you are moving, i am moved; the breeze moves my top, my shoulders, they can feel small and I like that, hands, and my hands, and it is coming night, fingers perfectly, speaking, and…i don’t write out everything, but i’ve combed my hair to calm me, and my hands now, I feel them.

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