blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Birthday Dinner and A Lingering Angel

A homemade Palestinian birthday dinner by my brother in law and vibrant table decor by my sister. 

I enjoy different places faraway and near, recent and long ago. The world is filled with a variety of artful things.

Wally, the chef, put on traditional music when we were ready to eat.

“Do people dance in circles to this? I love circles,” I said.
He said, “Yes they do in a big circle” and showed me a video.
Here is me and Dan with the food and decor.

And my mom baked these Italian Biscotti cookies. 

How much I love the sky! (as you may know from reading this blog) and now I will learn more about it.

“The sea above the sky” as part of some long ago myth is a phrase I saw in the book’s summary. That is so exciting it makes my belly feel light. And I can share the ideas here with you.

My mom baked me this incredibly elegant and delicious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake with a chocolate collar, all handmade and expertly designed.
Thank you again and again.
My mom also made Isabella a dog cake with blueberries, her favorite, since she was born in February too.

There is a reason only my cat Peeko wants me to sing. 🙂
Happy the angel is close. (green light)

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