This Little Rainy Party On The Floor

Second post today. First one, “Proof On The Way, Dreaming By The Window.”

A little tea party while it rains. New zabuton (Mercury Retrograde seemed to have broken many things but no one hurt and the new things were well ready.)

My first zabuton was defeated by the washing machine and then even further by the dryer. It was my fun idea to see what happened if I put it in the washing machine instead of my usual cleaning it by hand.

I got a thrill when I put it in, but it wasn’t a gambler’s thrill; it was the thrill of wondering if it would be more colorful and beautiful when it was done. But it just surprised me by being messed up. 

The zafu was also just cleaned to celebrate it officially becoming a table since I don’t need to sit on it for flexibility. 

I feel like you think I will spill the tea on this and I hope you are wrong; I will be careful. Do you see that perfect color match of the zafu and zabuton? I was pleasantly surprised when that new zabuton came.

And how about an unconventional koan I wrote for this tea party in the rain that you didn’t know you were attending? A koan is a kind of riddle to meditate upon, popular in Zen Buddhism:

Pottery had broken me more than poetry. A “whore” isn’t always bad; a nun isn’t always good.  

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