“It’s True, Sometimes I Spin”

—From A Little Honey Sweetens the Flame (2021)

I will spin around with as much space as there is. I will spin again. I will raise my arms and open my hands as a flower opening in moonlight. I will open my arms wider to send this all outward and I will lift my arms and my palms will touch. In pants, or in something other than that it is even better; if it will flare it’s another flower, and if it is fitted, just I will spin. Faster and faster, around and around and around, I don’t get unpleasantly dizzy, this may be a skill I’m not sure, but it is good even when I am out of breath. I will slowly sit and fall so slowly forward, and my palms will still touch. I will sway to one side not because I chose to then, but because it was so, and my palms will touch and move with me in the bend that water makes, or a flower toward the sun. I will stand again and my fingers will encircle one wrist and I will spin, and then my other hand will encircle the other wrist and I will spin and spin and spin. I then slowly rest, a little breathless but my breath is returning again. It is darker now and the air is scented lightly like roses, or water and roses, and my hair is scented cool, so clean like water, and now it is warmer by the fire, and I am not spinning in a circle anymore; I am reclining. My skin is subtly scented with powder I didn’t put on, but it is there, along with the scent of a faded flower, likely lavender. My breathing slows and my body is full of the essence of a really good dream, although it is still early and I have not fallen asleep. I am awake and the air is coming to me carrying something I can’t see or hear, but can feel. It is beautiful, and it is just night, so my eyes feel very rested, even though it is still early as I’ve mentioned so I have not slept yet. The moonlight feels like silk draped over me that the breeze is moving ever so slightly, and so I will stay here awhile, but first I am sending this all to you.

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