February Poets From Different Times

I noticed my hair looked a kind of way after I put it up so I thought hm, an old fashioned look, I think some past poets wore their hair like this. And then I thought, “Maybe Edna, let me check.”She has some certain way of putting her hair up, but similar idea.Edna St. Vincent…… Continue reading February Poets From Different Times

Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze

it is the breeze is ita breath out i slipped out of the pose put me backit is the breeze is itit is sweet i know itwell I’m not actually levitating!Sunlit YogaIf you fall out of a pose, you can come into a new one. This is a video demonstration of that, even if I didn’t…… Continue reading Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze


The poetry book I’ve been working on each day now is really getting there. Upload then, upload now, upload again, a different maintenance man looking at the same new dryer leaves, upload again, upload again, and yes, I see that, you last italic. * when a book falls it falls open. i want what i…… Continue reading P.S.