blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

The Forward Glimpse into Blush of Dawn

The proof copy of the paperback of my upcoming poetry book has arrived! It will show me what the book will look like when it’s published and I can make changes if needed. I haven’t opened it yet as I don’t have the time just now to properly look at it, but I will be surprised later.

This is a forward glimpse post: I will share in posts to come about the book and of course when it’s published. 

If I showed up to your blog without a dessert or appetizer, and you’re wondering how I got there, I clicked the poetry interest link on the blogger profile. I am always happy to connect with other poetry appreciators, whether you read it or write it, or both. 

I’m in the process of making this poetry book available in different formats: paperback, audio poetry read by me in silence (I just got a studio microphone), and ebook, so you can have the poems however you like.

You might have seen earlier today I posted a yoga pose, post titled, “Roses.” It is very hard to balance like that but also lots of fun, including how the hands can land different ways, so a glimpse into tomorrow on the blog: I will practice it again. 

Also upcoming, I’m tagging posts on the blog by subject so you can find posts by a subject that interests you.

Maybe your day has been annoying like mine. If it has, new days are coming, which will include my poetry book that has been in progress for some time that you will see more of if you’d like, some inspiring parts of a book about the sky I’m currently reading that mentions a long ago poet in it, and a new yoga pose that you never know how you’ll land exactly.

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