Red Grapes, Rose Yoga Pose

Last night all the posts starting with the return of me to this blog have been labeled by subject. You can click within a post if that is a subject you want to read more of and I will continue this. You can also view the different subjects ordered alphabetically by pressing the three lines icon on the upper part of the main page, which will open the blog\’s side tab, and then click \”subjects.\”


When I went grocery shopping yesterday I still had my earbuds on, and a medieval madrigal about the Virgin Mary by the 17th century Italian composer, Claudio Monteverdi came on shuffle as I walked in, and just then the red grapes in the front looked even more elegant with the music, (and they were on sale), so I placed them in my cart.

But me listening to music in the grocery store hasn\’t had an effect on people crashing into me since I only listened yesterday, and so I am apparently still invisible when I go there. I hadn\’t had anyone nearly crash into me in awhile, but yesterday a woman was coming straight at me but at a medium pace, I don\’t think she was being rude as she looked elderly and maybe didn\’t have great eyesight, and because there were obstacles around, I had to move quickly backwards with my cart, but was quick enough to not get crashed into by her.

I may say things aloud at times when I am shopping and any person around seems to notice that I am there more when I do that. For example, I’ll say, \”Ooh, Bran Flakes! I will get these.\”

The loud wind really strangeified my dreams last night and is still going, and it is a great morning to practice my twisty yoga \”Rose\” pose. You can think of this as a grapes pose too, like twisty grapevines.

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