Story of My Life, Another New Yoga Pose

It can be fun to call customer service. I remember a call to Amazon somewhat recently, and when I asked the representative a question, she read from their guide that didn’t answer the exact question. 

So I gave her some extra information, and she giggled. Then I asked her the question a different way, and she laughed again. I realized she wasn’t actually addressing the issue, but I found it fun anyway and started to try something on my own on my laptop to figure it out.

When I asked her the question while adding in what I tried and what happened, she laughed and read some more information that didn’t help.

And then I figured it out! So I told her how to resolve my issue. And she said, “Okay, that’s great. Did I succeed in resolving your issue today?” I said, “Yes, thank you,” even though I resolved it myself and told her what I did, but it was an enjoyable experience, so I didn’t mind phrasing it like that.


It’s also fun to make up your own yoga poses! And wear sleeves that drape open in different ways; oh, I like to pretend to be an angel or a ghost!

I started with my balancing “Rose Pose” I had posted here the past two days, and then I untwisted my ankles and arms for this variation.

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