Story of My Life, Another New Yoga Pose

You may have noticed the new subjects listed at the bottom of each post and you can also find a list on the main page once you’ve clicked the three horizontal lines. 

If you scroll to “m,” the ones that begin with “my” are pretty clear what they are, things specifically I created, but I want to clarify the difference between “my poetry” and “my poetic words.” 

“My poetry” I’ve decided are finished poems, whether they’re verse poetry or prose poetry in style. “My poetic words” are expressions I’ve written creatively that may not be called a poem but are still something I wrote in a poetic style and am happy to share. They can one day be a poem in a book, or maybe they’ll remain here as poetic expressions. 


It can be fun to call customer service. I remember a call to Amazon somewhat recently, and when I asked the representative a question, she read from their guide that didn’t answer the exact question. 

So I gave her some extra information, and she giggled. Then I asked her the question a different way, and she laughed again. I realized she wasn’t actually addressing the issue, but I found it fun anyway and started to try something on my own on my laptop to figure it out. 

When I asked her the question while adding in what I tried and what happened, she laughed and read some more information that didn’t help. 

And then I figured it out! So I told her how to resolve my issue. And she said, “Okay, that’s great. Did I succeed in resolving your issue today?” I said, “Yes, thank you,” even though I resolved it myself and told her what I did, but it was an enjoyable experience, so I didn’t mind phrasing it like that.


It’s also fun to make up your own yoga poses! And wear sleeves that drape open in different ways; oh, I like to pretend to be an angel or a ghost!

I started with my balancing “Rose Pose” I had posted here the past two days, and then I untwisted my ankles and arms for this variation.

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