After Party

Yesterday I was still dressed as an angel or ghost when in one corner of the hallway I breathed in a cool, misty scent with the hint of a flower, maybe violets, in that coolness, and into the room I walked, after a little bit, it drifted near again, and the room was mistily lit by lamplight to match that. I thought, I guess there is more than one of us angels or ghosts here now, and if so, why shouldn’t there be? 

As I was sitting on the zabuton, I decided to open up the book, The Sky Atlas I had started, will share some ideas once I reach the end as I am getting pretty close, and then it was getting so much darker.

I rose, palms upwards, swayed to the left and then right, I folded down to touch my toes, and then the floor quickly; my hair fell forward and down in wide, soft waves, and I thought, how delicious is the scent of this top! But what is it? 

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