Peeko’s Midnight Visitor

Each morning when I wake up, I kiss Peeko on the top of his head and he purrs and rubs the side of his face against mine. This morning, just before I kissed him, I noticed the top of his head smelled like a very lovely perfume today—roses and some kind of expensive powder, like a young lady’s perfume from an antique time. The roses were like roses at dusk, or nightfall, and the powder was stronger than the roses, but not too powerful and was nicely pleasant.

I heard him awake at some time last night, meowing aloud in the middle of the night, which he doesn’t usually do; usually he sleeps during the night. Maybe he had a cat angel or ghost, whichever he’d prefer, come to visit him this time. 

No shortage of things happening here, even just these odd little things, when there isn’t a lot going on in places open to the public.

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