Moon Muse, Morning Time

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the golden, glowing moon through the window. I took this photo, satisfied, and then closed my eyes and fell asleep again. 

I stepped outside this morning and took this photo on my way back in. Still there, so pretty, a soft white in so much sky.


In the cold, it is all so bright, so clear, my nose is touched cold, I feel the shape of it now, place the cuff of my sleeve against it, my hair could have turned to icicles if it had been wet.
I come in, lift the window a little open, and in a little while, there is the white opal rising, glow of gold; behind it, the chain of a necklace has fallen open in a pool of gold, and there is no chest to lock it all up, it has swung open, so here have it, so pretty to look at, with your morning coffee.

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