blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

More Fairy Adventures. Warm Presence, Morning Green

Morning again.

I picked this really nice apple off your apple tree, stood on a ladder you had to reach it.

Hm, I hope you don’t tell me to put it back.
* * *

yesterday evening, i had fallen forward intentionally. the wind blew through the just open window, a song on shuffle began, i did not pray in basic words, but quiet then, i let my heart do what it would. 

sometimes a part of the breeze would touch me ever so slightly, and then as if warmed by a fire, i felt someone near, glanced up, no one visible, but i felt a presence that was warm, like that time some time ago i wrote here, stayed as i was, listening, falling open, and then suddenly so very sleepy, eyes closing, got ready for bed, said some words to finish the silent prayer night, soon sleeping. 

yes i’ve loved this one, green tea ready to drink beside the tea pot and lily pad green tea towel, the dark sorrow i had yesterday, before the music forward fold moment, carried over into the early morning, it hung among the clouds but was still with me, and may it dissipate into a future wonderfully unknown. 

and it is lifting, take a drink of green tea, hear first shuffle song, “green eyes,” this one hasn’t played, hear it new and old. i didn’t hear any footsteps in my mind, but a dream could’ve swept up and draped satisfyingly over you, and awakening, unfolding, sun on my face how i like it, i see that there are many good dreams, and sun on you too, this one, that one, and another one, hovering above, dipping down to you and me.


similar experience: “How I’ve Come To Love The Night”


This is more fun than I would have thought. 🙂

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