blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

It Is Coming Around The Bend, My Book of Poems

This book of poems I’ve been writing since last March is coming just as the sky lightens earlier now and stays lighter longer. I spent the day recording poems for the audio version. It will be available as paperback, audio, and ebook, whatever you like. I will be sharing in coming posts about the book including the description, what you would read on the back cover.

My day had been blurred like a Monet painting, colors and sights softened with tears, and then the tears paused for the poems awhile, as I read them and then heard them aloud, brought me to my senses, not plain reason but the sensation of the body. my heart and mind have been open and expanding and can center on something now. i heard my voice, and i imagined someone reading’s own voice too, not “the reader” as some vague grouped idea. the world’s population may be great, but that doesn’t comfort me or inspire me the way a single voice can. 

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