I Lit A Spark And Wrote A Book, And You Can Now Read It

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I had mentioned here for awhile that I’d been writing my second poetry book, and now I’d like to really tell you about it, finally, and also to tell you that now you can read it!

The book is called A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame.


I wanted to write poems that were real and also refined afterwards, that held a sense of spontaneity, freedom, and some playfulness. I didn’t intentionally switch on a bright florescent bulb to not be revealed as “too negative” and to give the poems artificial light, but whatever was good, if it was on my mind, I included it.

I didn’t just write the book for my own enjoyment, even if it has been enjoyable writing this. I am happy to share these poems with others, for the joy it can bring to relate to something you read.


The majority of these poems are newly written, beginning late March 2020 when I found myself gratefully connected to the writing practice again after a very long time, and continuing until recent days. I included a few past poems that weren’t in my first book, Moonflower that I thought might find a natural place in this one, and I revised them a little if needed, to make them feel welcome in the book.

A Little About The Subject

A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame is poetry written from a place of passion and vibrancy; I’ve found this way of being can sweeten even sad things. These are sensual poems, spiritual ones, poems of looking at oneself, and of gazing outward, a way of knowing other people, and of glimpsing nature.

Upcoming post I will share a poem from the book.

And this book does not contain anything explicit or inappropriate for a person under eighteen.



by Jade Nicole Beals

A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (Paperback)

A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (Kindle) 

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