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Sleep Blogging?, Sleep Talking, And A Writing Prompt For You

Got these two books at the free library cabinet. I had brought two to give, they fit, and there were exactly two I wanted. The one on top is a novel I’d added “to read” in the morning before I had gotten there and had seen it at the cabinet. I had seen a friend had loved it. I don’t know what it’s about, and I will read it next, very likely today! And beside the books is my “Zen” bookmark, a white piece of paper folded in half and then again, so pure and peaceful.

I gave a non-fiction book by Max Lucado and a book of Shakespeare quotes. 

I’m sorry, Shakespeare. You are more moving when someone quotes you in conversation, must be the right way; otherwise, I’ve found your quotes a little bit mediocre.

More books to give next time, more surprises ahead.


Last night while half asleep, I had written and published the previous blog post. I knew I had posted one, but I wasn’t sure if I had written anything else and was curious to read it and find out after I woke up. My shortest post, but there, you now have a new moon in Pisces.

I have known sleep talking and just considered the idea of sleep blogging. Wouldn’t that be a funny thing? It probably is a thing that I don’t know about.

I really like that I’ve been overheard talking a little in my sleep a few times, and what I’d said. 

Once in Brooklyn I’d said while asleep, “I am waiting for them…The immigrants.”

The last time I’d visited Brooklyn, my spoken sleep words were very much like a Gertrude Stein poem. I’d read her once in a college English Literature class, specifically her poetry book, Tender Buttons

The term for the style was “sound over sense.” I had said to the class and professor while we were discussing it, “It sounds like the dictionary on shuffle!”

The last time visiting Brooklyn I had said in my sleep, “Four. It’s okay.” 

Very Gertrude Stein-like.

I personally enjoy experimental art and have found myself writing somewhere between very logically and straightforwardly and more random and focused on sound combinations. And you can do both too—sound and sense. I have written that way even if I hadn’t deliberately planned to do so.


Here’s a writing prompt: 

Take something said while asleep as a starting point for a new poem or story.

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