To Rest Now With Some Memoir


There is a specific high when you think you have clothes left you only thought you had put away, and then you open up the dryer and it is empty! A bad memory can bring great surprises.
The book I just received from the free library when I gave the Shakespeare one away mentions him early on and often. Is this a kind of revenge?
A 9 am memory: I said to the woman standing inside the college bookstore store by the wide open door and facing me, “When does the bookstore open?” She said with a confused expression, “It’s open now!!” I didn’t want to just walk right in with just me and that ghostly, foggy morning feeling.
It was springlike today, and then there was fluffy snow, but I didn’t take it seriously, and it stopped so soon after. What do you think of me as a weather reporter? They might say, ‘Stick to the science, keep it short,’ but I’d make up my own soliloquies and dance around in the blizzard. 

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