Morning Conversation and Synchronicity

 Morning Conversation

Me: (pouring hot water from the kettle into the tea pot). Look, I’m making Rumi tea. 

Dan: Oh you named it Roomy. Are you in college in your dorm Rum?

Me: 🙂 Well, I named it that because when I first drank it, I thought of the poet Rumi, you know the one from Persia, and when you read his poems he is just so cute you want to squeeze him!

Dan:  🤷‍♂️


Rumi might’ve been born in 1207 AD and therefore close to 800 years older than me, but I still naturally feel I want to nurture him and had been inspired by his spirituality and poetry years ago.

I wrote something like this on my blog before I had seen this quote today. 🙂 Oh, consider yourself hugged, my boy.

I bought this tea towel at a country store, thought it sounded like a sophisticated, old fashioned thing and liked the color. I had a feeling I’d eventually get its practical purpose, and that happened now about ten or eleven years later.
This is beautiful.
The sun is bright now, but not too bright to look so near its rising place, after a breezy, rainy night and dark, humid early dawn.
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