blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Friday Night, Yesterday

My first post today was “For Anyone Creating Anything.”

Last night I had written I hadn’t had any mystical experiences to write about in awhile, had joked it could be because I hadn’t read any of my favorite dead poets in awhile too, and they’re maybe wanting to be read again. I am currently reading the novel, The Nix by Nathan Hill I had found at “the free library” cabinet in my town and am excited to read a new poetry book again next.

Last night when I actually did go to bed, I wasn’t thinking so much of mystical experiences, but how comfortable and soft my new comforter blanket was and was happy I’d found such a nice one, when after a few moments, I sensed a dark shadow like a person by the window, did not feel like a violent presence; I then turned back the other way, the way I naturally sleep. 

I could feel the shadow still, glanced back again to see, with a glance, it appeared maybe tall, as if wearing an all black, classy-seeming outfit that seemed to include some kind of hat, felt like a male presence with a noticeably confident demeanor, but difficult to sense his exact mood or reason for being there, if he was there. I was a little bit scared and thought then, “I’m confused, why just facing me standing there?” and then after that, the shadow was gone, and I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.

I thought today, it felt like a male presence and didn’t seem like Rumi, I imagined that Rumi was shorter even if I don’t know for sure, but it had come to me today that the presence felt like the way I’d naturally envisioned Shams when I’d heard their story. So I looked up “Shams” online as I hadn’t known really anything about him or his own writing, more of Rumi, and I read it was said when he’d first met Rumi in November 1244, Shams was described as “dressed in a black suit from head to toe.” Interesting! 

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