Rumi And Shams: Living Room Reading

I planned to read poetry not until tomorrow, but Peeko was hanging out in the living room with me when I got back home and I thought he might like to hear some at this time. Some poems he’d looked annoyed and walked away mid-read or had knocked the book off the counter onto the floor when I was about to read it to him, but so far he’d listened attentively on different occasions to the poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay and not yet any others.

I planned to read a poem myself by Shams tomorrow since I hadn’t realized he’d also been a poet, after what I’d written about in my second post today, Friday Night, Yesterday. My first post today was For Anyone Creating Anything

And so here is a video of me reading a poem that I thought had been written by Shams of Tabriz as I’d been looking for one. This one was actually written by Rumi about Shams. Shams of Tabriz’s own poetry seems difficult to locate, and I tried specifically entering in “of Tabrizi” because the poet, Hafiz can also be listed with the name “Shams.”

You can see Peeko listening, too, dishwasher ambient swishing in the background, looks like he likes another poet. After the confusion, I hope Shams won\’t be mad by the mistake! Well, just mess with my lamp once tonight, if anything is fine, haha. I am kidding about this. 🙂

Poem by Rumi About Shams of Tabriz

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