blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

I Missed Spring Officially, But It Wasn’t Too Late


I want to send a warm thank you to everyone who has gotten my poetry bookAnd I am happy to send out words into the world.

I also would like to invite you to Poetry Appreciators on Facebook, a group for anyone who loves words that contain the best of poetry, whether they’re classified as poetry or fiction or memoir, purely lyrical or telling a story. The group is private for the comfort of those who want to share this way, but it is not exclusive and open to anyone who wants to join—reader, writer, or both. 

It is officially spring and I was sad I had not known it! My calendar decided to leave that information out for me and I found out days late, yesterday. Happy Spring! Whether you knew it or not. 

It is spring, but was a cold morning, so the fireplace was turned on for a bit…I hear a diligent woodpecker now among other shouting birds with lots to say. 

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