Grandma’s Birthday Coming Up, What She’d Say


My grandma’s 97th birthday is soon to come this Easter Sunday. She’d passed away last year a few months after turning 96.

At first I wasn’t sure if these holidays coinciding this year were a good thing. But I know what she would say if I thought I couldn’t celebrate Easter happily. “What are you going to do, sit around feeling sorry? What is that going to do? Go, have fun. You deserve it.”

I was given the Kindle I’d given her for her birthday as a dear memory after she passed away, seeing she’d read 22 books, had read past age 96, including reading the entire bible twice in her last years, and that she was always passing me and my mom up with reaching the end of a book we were reading, done in a day or two.

She’d tell this story: “In high school at the end of the year they’d had an award ceremony, and the principal would say, ‘Jean, you got the award for this…’ and I would go up and get it, and then he’d call me up again, and I’d be so embarrassed, ‘Oh another one?’ and go up again, and he’d keep calling me, and I’d keep going up, ‘Another award, okay…’


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