A Village Life, A Book That Gently Nudged Me On

A picture to represent the feeling of this book.

A few thoughts on form, nothing to spoil the excitement of reading.

A Village Life, poems by Louise Glück, brings the reader into an unnamed Mediterranean town depicted through poems, which all contain a distinct voice that remains consistent throughout it, with a cool tone, and yet in certain poems, this coolness will break for a moment to reveal a surprising sense of passion or love, and never a shouted one.

There are details of place, in nature, as well as a glimpse or slight glare into human nature that make them sensory, philosophical poems.

Written in simple language, these poems never feel too sparse but always natural. Reading A Village Life, I was shown different perspectives without preachiness. Without my effort, I found this book open paths for me in my own writing and gently guide me toward my next project. The poems precisely consider how spiritual beliefs, science, and philosophy interplay and at times contrast with one another, and what underlies them all.


This is my first book I’ve read by this author and so I am looking forward to reading another one. I was thrilled when I saw she was a living poet, the first one I’ve enjoyed since I can’t remember when and that she lives nearby, where my husband is currently working now in Cambridge, MA. It was great to first read her book before her coming birthday. Dan was teasing me about bothering this “poor old lady,” but you see she’s neither poor nor old, and the next day I said to him, “Your birthdays are right around the same time so we can celebrate them together, in Cambridge!” 😉


It is no longer Pisces season, so I wish you a happy Aries time! Welcome, Aries and also Aries/Taurus cusp, signs that either want to fight me, or fight for me, and very likely both.

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