How I Am Moved, On…


Envisioning an idea
for the next book right now
and that is a new blanket on the chair

As A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame is complete and published (print, ebook, audio), I am just about to start a new project. A feeling comes of what I feel myself pulled towards next to begin, and I keep it with me.

I have been looking at my surroundings, my home, and have little by little been making decorative changes. I usually start by taking away what I don\’t want and then add in what I want to, with the desire of simplicity and also warmth.

I am going to measure a particular wall, find a blank canvas the size I\’d like for it, and paint the canvas. I checked my garage this morning to see if I had any art supplies that I’d stored there, and I found a good amount of paint brushes and two blank canvases. I also found two small white porcelain tea cups with calligraphy and red lychees on them, and I brought them inside.

I\’d like to paint the canvases I brought in, even though they aren\’t the size I am looking for to hang on the wall in mind. I can hang them somewhere else, or other possibilities.

And writing, words, of course… I\’ve been writing often, and I have an impression of what the next book might be like. There is a certain spaciousness around this, and inspiration from poems I\’ve recently read. The third book is not tangible to me yet, but it is one that is becoming a little more tangible as I feel myself being moved, in a direction, even if the destination of that direction has not yet been conceived.

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