Audio Poetry and a Listening Holiday


A cup of my Rumi tea and a book to read
Happy National Poetry Month!

If you like listening to poetry read aloud, the site, Bandcamp I’m on is having a holiday that whatever money is given to the artists today, the artists will receive the entire amount. So if you want to download a copy of my book of poems read by me in quietness, today could be a good day to do that. 

You can also listen by streaming the album on the site for free; the featured track will play first and you can choose to hear any track or play the album from the beginning. It is nice in my experience that the browser doesn’t have to be currently showing on the screen but just open, to continue listening to the album. 

And thank you to everyone who has supported my writing in any way. I so appreciate this.

Here is the link to my audio poetry book

and the paperback and kindle can be found here.

If you prefer this artwork, you can save it for the album:

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