Happy Birthday, Grandma and Happy Easter

My Grandma and my Mom synced in purple

Happy birthday to my Grandma (she would turn 97, first one in heaven) and Happy Easter—how grateful I am for God rising, and also my own healing, as I’d believed in God but not in my own healing’s possibility.

I was glad my Grandma knew I had come home from the hospital last March and was better than before; I’d called her while there. When my Mom told her I was well and had gone back home that day, my Grandma said, “What’d she do that for? She was having so much fun there!” 😀

I was training to become a certified yoga teacher last spring after I came home and she had passed away before I received the certification, but she was happy to hear I was in the process of becoming certified and had encouraged me years ago when I was thinking of taking a yoga class in Brooklyn, NY where I lived. She’d say, “Take more yoga lessons—I’m glad you like them. I want to pay for them.”

And here’s a story my Grandma would tell from her life: “I cut out of school just one time to go to the Frank Sinatra concert, and when I got to the door the man said, ‘You can’t come in. You’re only ten years old.’ And I said, ‘What? I’m sixteen!’ And I went right in…But I was really fourteen.”

To read more about my grandma’s passing and my warm last days with her: Always, Grandma

About my own healing and experience with mental health and wellness, Healing, How?—My Personal Story.

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