Symbolism in Easter Egg Painting, Memorial Dish, and Yoga at the Table

My sister, Jenna made this beautiful antipasto the way my Grandma had made it each year, in honor of her.

Stuffed artichokes made by my Mom. (My husband Dan got cut off here, but half his face is nice too.) My mom is in the center, I’m to the right of her, and my brother in law, Wally is in blue, first introduced on this blog as “the chef.” 

Manicotti “Mani-gott” cooked by Wally in a traditional Italian style. 
Painting Easter eggs, photo by me. 
Wally, Dan, my Mom, Jenna.
I painted an egg and gave it symbolism, a little hint of glowing peach, referencing a poem I wrote in my most recent book, “A Place To Meet Sea and Foam,” but then I couldn’t find the egg. (Photo by my mom.) I did find it after.
I wasn’t intending to fly away here, just felt like a good, quick yoga moment. 
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