The Waves Rolled In…

This picture shows the copy I got from the library but it is on my wishlist as a book to keep.

“The waves rolled in…and now come rushing in…with water luminescent as sea glass, stirring the far off, softest sand and what lies in between…” 

This is not a quote from the book, but the start of something that arose in me.
I opened the book, read a few lines, and thought, “Oh hi again!” I had really enjoyed Virginia Woolf’s A Haunted House: Stories months ago, found them very funny and strange in a way that made me smile and laugh with their unconventionality.

I was drawn to this one, The Waves years ago and am having a fuller appreciation of it now. 

Virginia Woolf was born on January 25, 1882, and this month and date is considered to be on the Aquarian-Capricorn cusp marked by “originality.” Love that.

The moon was in Capricorn for a few days, which feels to me like earth-fire, and has just moved into Aquarius.


Good conflict can send a story rippling (as Virginia Woolf might say) along…

As in this new song I really like

Joel Corry, David Guetta, Raye – Bed (Chilled)

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