New Scent, The Essence of It

I finally found a lotion I love, it’s from a company I ordered from years ago, but then I forgot about it and wanted to see which other scents they had when I remembered a few days ago. And now that it’s arrived my skin is nicely moisturized while also smelling like the pleasant freshness of the Catholic church! This was not my intentional plan, but I am happy with the essence of it and having fun.

And so after all the writing and finalizing of things for the last weeks, and today being in the process of setting up a website, I had a much appreciated yoga session with birdsong and warm spring air coming in through the open windows.

The scent of the lotion is patchouli. I was thinking if anyone reads my poetry books they know I am lavender-scented, have that down, and I can also experience more beautiful scents. 🙂

Thanks Peeko…

Today’s first post: Stepping Out of a Storm

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