Stepping Out of a Storm

When I was writing the second half of the post last night, new downstairs neighbors began smoking an intense amount of marijuana which was coming up into the room where I was writing.

I was becoming very spacey without realizing it (windows open too), and having not reread the post first, I noticed after, that it could be received differently from what I intended in that particular one, which was to be uplifting and empowering. (I saved the words; in a certain form, they may become part of the next book.) So I reposted with just the first half.

I am not against marijuana as it can have a good effect on many people, as other herbs can too, was just a note on my experience with the partially deleted post and on the fun of writing freely but also reading back the finished words because readers can’t automatically see a writer’s intention. I can also clear the air now if there’s a lot of smoke coming in.


This song is so beautiful with its gentle, impressionistic sound and boldness. It makes me think of a storm and a person stepping out of that storm, seeing the world as so much bigger and more open than it first appeared, free, the mist still around them, and the lingering movement of the storm within them, as they speak and act with a gentleness that is brave too.

Mree – The Middle

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