A Poet’s Birthday

Happy seventy-eighth birthday to the poet Louise Glück! 

You might remember me writing here that I was enjoying the first book I\’d read of hers, A Village Life and was excited that I discovered she lives nearby in Cambridge and that her birthday was soon to come.

I wasn\’t sure this morning that I should post it because I was unable to find a way to contact her and didn\’t know if it would be a sad thing to her that someone she didn\’t know had wished her a happy birthday and she didn\’t know it, and also that she is a very famous poet and might truly desire just pure privacy. But then I thought even in the rare chance of her coming upon this blog it might be a nice thing to her. Anyway, I truly enjoyed that book, wish to own a book of hers too (wishlist up to date), and it had sent my own poetry gliding forward in a direction that I hadn\’t really gone.

This poem of hers I enjoyed from her book, A Village Life, had inspired a \”response line\” from me which is with my other words in my \’third book\’ folder.

I want to share a reading of the poem and hope she’s having a good birthday, and also that I\’ve created art of my own this morning to add to art\’s conversation and later on may eat a brownie.

Dawn by Louise Glück

Just audio 🙂

Mentioned in this post: 

My response to that poem

Earlier today:

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