Why Are You Here? Because I Wish To Give You Beautiful Things

I wasn’t looking for a poem about a storm but just another one by Edna and I quickly found this one of hers that is new to me, a storm within it.
It’s interesting how excited one can be living a life that’s outwardly so very ordinary like mine. What makes it exciting? My perspective and inner emotions, the things I notice and how they may relate, the mysteries I don’t simply brush aside, and the art I create and envision I might create. 
If you want to read a poem that so vividly understands sadness and loneliness amidst beautiful shadows, it is here, and yes, there will be more poems and which ones? neither of us yet know, and maybe some of those you will not have yet known. In this age of ‘positivity and god-like strength’, you may think I am perfectly happy. I may be excited but I am still lonely. So I enjoy a poem that’s not demanding positivity. 
Night Is My Sister, And How Deep In Love 
by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Night is my sister, and how deep in love,
How drowned in love and weedily washed ashore,
There to be fretted by the drag and shove
At the tide\’s edge, I lie—these things and more:
Whose arm alone between me and the sand,
Whose voice alone, whose pitiful breath brought near,
Could thaw these nostrils and unlock this hand,
She could advise you, should you care to hear.
Small chance, however, in a storm so black,
A man will leave his friendly fire and snug
For a drowned woman\’s sake, and bring her back
To drip and scatter shells upon the rug.
No one but Night, with tears on her dark face,
Watches beside me in this windy place.
🎶 Justin Bieber – Ghost 🎶

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